miðvikudagur, 30. maí 2012

The English Garðyrkjumaður: Overdue

Long long time overdue. I had my month in China during April and my housemate was incredibly dulleg and kept all of my seedlings alive. Since then I have repotted and hardened off various plants.

Early May provided an unseasonably warm week followed by a reminder of where we live with below freezing temperatures and even a sprinkling of snow. This royally terrified almost all plants and trees which were excited by the sun. It almost killed all of my courgette plants. I had 15 out in my cold frame, 5 varieties and now I only have 4 plants left. At the very least I can share the fact that the variety Cocozelle seems to be to most frost hardy with all of the 3 plants surviving.


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