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Here's To All My Blunders

Joene of Joene's Garden[1] sponsors Gardening OOPs[2] on the first of each month, where we confess the mistakes we make in the garden, in the hope that we will scare readers into not doing the same thing.

I began documenting my GOOPs on April 1, 2010, and have participated almost every month since.

I intended to blog about past mistakes I made as a beginning gardener, and learned from.  Instructive, careful lessons about what NOT TO DO.  Instead I seem to have an unlimited capacity to make new mistakes. 

Today is the first of January and the first day of 2012 and in honor of that, I culled 18 months of posts and have made you all a Top Ten List of my mistakes.  Click on the photo captions and read the disasters in full from the original posts.  Study and learn from each.  I certainly didn't. 


1. Wrong plant, wrong place, wrong idea, wrong zone.

2. Crushing discouragement for a new gardener.

3.  Planned, paid for, planted and pampered these.  Couldn't remember any of it.

4. Sprayed stuff heedlessly.

5. What was I thinking?

6. This is gone now, taken out by a storm.

7. This was NOT my mistake.  I'm saying.

That's seven, I can't go on.  The next three oops in a list of ten would be: 

  • I crammed everything too close together and never thought they'd grow so big.
  • Don't crowd tall shrubs under short trees and fill in with steroidal perennials.
  • A 40 foot tall tree is not going to do well in a 6 foot wide bed up against the house.  You can't make it fit.

Those last three are all the same mistake.  I am horticulturally unable to space permanent plants appropriately, especially large things like forest trees, rampant vines or car-sized shrubs .  I just can't do it.

Happy New Year!  

Here's a toast to making lots of horticultural blunders in your garden in 2012.  

I'll let you know about mine.


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