fimmtudagur, 7. nóvember 2013

Laufmold - real men sow

Alþjóðleg vika jarvegs er víst nýafstaðin. Hér er brot af pistli af vefnum Real Men Sow, um laufmold. (Ég er samt hrifnastur af moltumars.)
[...] here are 10 reasons that I love leaf mould.
3. Leaf mould is easy to make
Bag up the leaves, tie the neck loosely and make a few splits in the bag. Leave for a year or so, and hey presto, leaf mould! 
4. Leaf mould improves moisture retention
Adding leaf mould to soil keeps the water in. This is useful for both containers and beds, and after all, using less water can only be a good thing. 
5. You can use leaf mould instead of peat
Peat is primarily used to retain moisture in soil when it is dry, but leaf mould offers an excellent alternative. Mix with topsoil and garden compost for a good potting mix. 
6. Leaf mould makes good mulch
I’ve been using leaf mould to mulch all my plants during the summer and they’ve responded well. Mulching helps to trap moisture and suppress competing weeds. 
7. Leaf mould smells like a woodland!
I absolutely love the smell of woodland. I ride my bike in woods regularly, and there is something gorgeous about that moist, fresh smell that gets me every time. And the other day, I went to a bag of leaf mould, and that same rich scent engulfed me when I opened it. Bliss. 
8. Leaf mould is a good soil conditioner
Although not recognised as nutritionally rich, leaf mould is a good soil conditioner. It can be added to improve poor soils, but also used to maintain already excellent soil.

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